mitchell, romulus and paul

This is a story of my crazy family; Mitchell, Romulus and... Paul. Much explanation is needed.

Mitchell comes home one evening after working at Abuleo's this summer, takes off his shoes and exclaims, "We have a new member of our family."

Me: "Oh really." half asleep and not really listening because Mitchell is crazy.

Mitchell: "Yes, I discovered him earlier today as I was putting my shoes on. I have a bunion from my work shoes. And I have decided to name him... Paul, Paul Bunion!"

Me: "You named your bunion?!?!" Now I am awake and quite scared!

Mitchell:"Yes, Paul. Paul Bunion. I figured if he was going to be sticking around I'd give him a name."

Me:"Oh my gosh!"

Today I looked to Mitchell and told him Paul will be departing from our family. We are making a trip to Walgreen's to see if there is something we can do to... well, get rid of him.

This is part one of my crazy family. Romulus is part two.

Has anyone ever told you getting a dog will prepare you for having a child. I realized that
more than ever this week as I caught Romulus licking the electric outlets on the wall in the living room. I stopped and looked at him and then realized, oh wait. He's not supposed to be doing that! I yelled at him to stop, he clearly looked at me and then resumed licking it outlet as if to say, why it tastes really good.

I've seen my niece give my sister-in-law that look may times. You think I am kidding, but I am not. God is testing me. With a hundred and fifteen pound dog. I need to child/dog proof my house.

A bunion named Paul and an outlet licking dog. Its never dull around here!

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Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

haha!! get ready...it can get crazier!!!