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Today is my music man's first day of his third year teaching. What's so extraordinarily special about today is that today is his first official day as a Head Band Director. At the end of last year Mitchell was named the new Head Band Director at Clack Middle School. Mitchell spent his first two years teaching as the assistant at Madison Middle School. And while those first two years were wonderful and probably the best years that a teacher could ask for, today is a day he has been waiting for. My music man worked with two of the best band directors this city and state probably have ever seen at Madison the past two years.

Although it was bittersweet for Mitchell to leave Madison and his students were sad to see him go, today is a day he has been ready for. (You should see the CUTEST banner his Madison students made him! Its hanging in the house saying how much they are going to miss him! Wouldn't you miss him, too?!?!)

Mitchell has 249 (give or take) students in his band. The largest middle school band in the city. I'm not bragging.

This is 75 chairs. Not even enough room to fit his largest band. 90 students!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? He's so organized.
When he wants to be!

Just the 2 best schools in the city! GO BIG RED!

Clack Middle School. Established in 1992! Go Cardinals!

The one and only, Mr. Etter! aka, the Man in Charge! (my music man)

He knows how to run the show!

And the place where it all began! Fair daughter of the west, we love and honor thee!

Isn't he so sweet?
Ok, maybe this was a present, but he didn't have to put it up in his office!

Future Hall of Fame Band Director & ruler of the band world! My Music Man!

He knows what's going on!

I can't wait to get home today and hear how Mitchell's day went. My husband is the sweetest and most compassionate man I know, and to see him work and teach students music is a true blessing. It is sad to that school districts are cutting fine arts and music from their curriculum. Music is a gift. I wish that everyone at one time in their schooling can have the opportunity to take a music class. Music benefits everyone in their lives every single day. It not only benefits you, it blesses you. And it all begins in a middle school with a teacher like my husband and a simple scale of music.

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The Mitchell's said...

Awwww..Mitch! I love it. I always knew you would end up like Mr. Knoll. Those are good shoes to fill. Congrats...how fun.