the newlywed game and a shirtless elderly man

Tonight we hosted the NSO family - The Newlywed Game!!! Yippie! Don't ask me who the parents were because I don't remember and I am horrible with names. But we had SO much fun and everyone was lovely! We had cupcakes, brownies, coke and of course Blue Bell Great Divide. The Love Shack doesn't host parties without Blue Bell! And just for the record HSU has officially given it's newest students diabetes.

As we were deep into blissful Hardin-Simmons discussion our front door was open, glass screen door closed and one student observed a man passing our house... several times. After about the 10th or so time of this man passing the house this student says, "Ummm, there is an old man walking back and forth in front of your house."

I look to the student and think great I know exactly where this is going. I then ask, "Does this man have a shirt on?"

Student: "No!"

Me: "Oh, that's Clinton, our elderly neighbor and more than likely he's checking out the ruckus. Don't get a good luck at him. He chews tobacco and when he spits, he misses and it dribbles down his bare stomach."

Yup, that's my neighbor and apparently the welcoming committee as we host new students to HSU and Abilene. Thanks Clinton! I can't wait until it gets cooler outside and Clinton starts wearing more clothing. Maybe I should be thankful he just wears as much as he does! I will spare you and won't go into more details of Clinton's physical anatomy. Or maybe it's just our house. Remember the pantless, mexican, hobit-like man who was picking pecans in our front yard?

Oh yes! We are so lucky!

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