summer sum up

Now that school has begun for Mitchell, I am officially back into my glorious work clothes and heels and I can't find a parking space at work I thought I would sum up the past few months and how wonderfully blessed we were summer 2008!
  • Mitchell finished his second year of teaching and got the head band director position at Clack Middle School. (see previous blog post)

One of Mitchell's last Madison concerts.
  • We celebrated 2 years of marital bliss and took a small yet amazing anniversary trip to Fredericksburg, TX. Ummm, I am pretty sure I am in love with that town. If you have never been drop everything you are doing right now and go. I have no visual evidence of that trip other than a cute rooster rug in the kitchen and two lovely hand painted pots on the back porch of our house. I forgot our camera. Sorry. But here are some pictures of where we began, 06/10/05.

Us leaving the chapel on the way to the Grace Museum for our reception.

2 of the Six White Horses! My horse and carriage!

The lovely wedding party in the beautiful Logsdon Chapel.

This is us at the Mansion on Turtle Creek before we left for Mexico.
We are adorable, I know!
  • We did an insane amount of traveling for various reasons.
  • Romulus got bigger, the nieces and nephew grew, mom, dad and Vicki had their birthdays.
  • We visited DFW and Austin. And in Austin we ate at my FAVORITE sandwich/bakery - which isn't just a bakery. Texas French Bread is a State-of-Mind and will change your definition of the sandwich. My mouth is watering right now, literally! Don't try to call me right now.
  • Oh, and we got to swim in the freezing waters of Barton Springs along with the Salamanders.

That's me and my music man before it took me 15 minutes to get in the pool/spring.
Yeah, literally 15 minuets. I think Mitchell was a bit perturbed with me!
  • Mitchell worked at Abuelo's as I learned to stay up late and watched lots of trash TV which I secretly love and confessed to my husband. i.e. Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and Denise Richard. Don't judge me. I was home alone with the dog.
  • And I did lots of decorating in the Love Shack. More picture of that to come in another post once we get the office done. But not until then.
So long summer 2008. You were good to us and we are sad to see you go. But we are happier to see the fall semester come.

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Love bugs Mom said...

Okay I must secretly admit that I also love Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood....isn't she just sooo funny.