wonderful tonight

While the rest of the world was eating lunch today I was sitting next to my music man during the noon hour as he practiced the piano. In a few weeks Mitchell will play for Ryan McKee and Amanda Dodson's wedding and mentioned he would be practicing up at Clack today. I selfishly asked if I could sit in on his practice time.

This was a regular occurrence while we were in school here at the 40 Acres while we were dating. Mitchell would be in his practice room on the 2nd floor of Hemphill and I would find my space in the corner of the small, cold room. Slowly I would ease my way to the piano bench, and as his practicing time would end, my music man would pull out his Elton John or Eric Clapton. Here is where my heart would swell as Mitchell would play and sing to me. These were the times that I would forget about the everything around us and get lost in the songs he would play for me.

For a split second this afternoon I forgot I was in the choir room at Clack Middle School and was surrounded by Mitchell's rough yet incredably effotless voice as he sang to me.

I know you wish you had a husband that could sing and play piano for you! I love my hunny!

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