this is a beautiful ad...

I saw this ad in the October issue of Texas Monthly and was reminded of it as I read a friend's blog.

If we could have this much freedom and non-conformity with each of our designs we would... wait. Wake up. We don't work for a liquor company. What was I thinking, our clients aren't alcoholics. But only if they were.

And yes, Canadian Club did trademark that remarkably genius phrase.

*disclaimer: Amanda Etter (part of Team Etter) is in no way promoting Canadian Club or their sister products. Hardin-Simmons University and their employees (me) does not agree with nor is affiliated with Canadian Club. The blog posted above is only the opinion of Team Etter (Amanda Etter) between the hours of 8-5 pm ;) Please do not take this author or her outlandish blog posts serious. They are simply written for your reading pleasures. And to humor herself.

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mmcfarland483 said...

I wonder whose blog reminded you of this genius ad and the subsequent hilarity of trademarking awesome phrases. Hmm.