God is bigger than all of us

Those were the words that Pastor Stan said in this past Sunday's sermon before Tuesday's election. He urged us not to worry, to pray for our country and for the leaders of our country. No matter who your candidate of choice is. I needed this sermon more than I know. I have been worried and so emotionally invested in this election, more so than I ever realized. Pastor Stan said at one time a man suggested to him that God should run for office. Why would God want to do that when He is King of the Universe? He concluded his sermon by reassuring us God is bigger than all of us, bigger than this election and bigger than our country. And most of all, He is in control.

Mitchell and I voted about 2 weeks ago, optimistic and sure that our candidate of choice would win and would take care of the state of the country. He did not win. Listening to his concession speech brought tears to my eyes. How could a man who's loyally served our country during war, a man who's years of experience in Washington lose to someone who served in the senate for a short 4 years. Who is a smooth, quick talking man of change.

I won't point out the differences in the candidates that we all know. I only hope that our president elect is as quick to act on his words as he is to pose for a photo op. I want to see fruitful results made for the betterment of our country from his presidency not rash decisions made merely for change. I pray for him, his staff and the state of our nation.

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