happy birthday my love!

Mitchell's birthday was yesterday. He is officially 1/4 of a century old, 2 years younger than me and tells me he still feels older than he really is. I think that will always be the case since he teaches middle school children.

In between my birthday on September 30th and November 16th Mitchell is a short 3 years younger than me. And he reminds me of that every single day of those 47 days. But did you know that women live longer than men?
They do! I had to marry a man younger than myself. I need someone to take care of me. And Mitchell does a wonderful job of that! More so than I could ever ask for.

He makes me happier every day of my life and surprises me beyond belief. He is a Godly man and the best husband that I could have ever asked for. Every day that I prayed for him before we were married, I could have never imagined this is the man that God would bring to me. And I know he is going to be the best father and provider for our family. The little Etters in our future are going to be loved, loved, loved!

Happy birthday my love! I hope your day was wonderful!

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Shara said...

You're so right! A great dane would make me happy when I'm sick, or just about any day of the week really :) Let me know when you track one down...preferably cheap and house-trained!