road trippin 1301

There is nothing fun about long road trip. Or being 120 pounds and stuck in the back seat of a small foreign car. Especially after leaving my family. I sure do miss Abby and Brutus. Come and see me guys!

Anyway, I'll tell you how to have a good time on a road trip. There are 3 specific things you need to do keep yourself occupied:

1. Take a long restful nap. This is how you get snuggled up in the back seat. Take good notes people.

Yes, this is.... ahhh, very comfy.

This is mom waking me up.

Why in the heck did you wake me?

Not so restful anymore, but now I am ready for my close up!

2. After waking from a nap make sure you are driving and watching the road very carefully. This is always fun. For some reason people always look at me funny when I am driving I don't know. Maybe it's because we were speeding or something. Don't dogs always drive down the highway? This is how I get to and from places, by driving in the Mazda! Come on people!

3. Stop everything you are doing. Get in your car. Make sure you are driving 70 miles an hour. Now stick your head out the window. YES!!! Isn't that aaaahhhhmazing. I knew you'd like it.

I would not let you down, would I?

Oooooopen the WINNNNNDOW NOW!

Seeeeee Mooooom freeeeessh breaaaaath!

Now my friends, that was how you enjoy a road trip. Don't you agree? Just remember my 3 simple tips and you are guaranteed to have a good time. If you want an added bonus throw a raw hide or your treat of preference and there is no going wrong on highway 83/84!

Now, I'd invite you on our next road trip to share in our adventures but I'm not willing to give up precious seat space.

Until next time...


katy said...

this is so cute, amanda. :)

Baby McMinn said...

So cute! You are so funny!

Becca said...

That is AWESOME! I bet you had to clean some serious dog slobber off your windows after the road trip!Looks like ya'll had some great fun!