heart burn

Why do they call it heart burn? My heart doesn't burn when I am having an episode. I don't feel like pawing at my chest.

They need to call it, the baby's sitting on your stomach, not allowing food to be digested, so it's finding its way back up your throat, so you feel like barfing all day/night long.

If my heard had anything to do with it, I am sure I'd be dead.

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Courtney said...

My name is Courtney Clegg and i am a good friend of mandi and adam wood. We are die hard Red Raider fans and God blessed me when he put them in my life. I currently live here in albany, tx not far from you guys in abilene. Well the real reason i am writing is that i think you are a precious mommy with the cutiest haircut. I am a mother of 2 "miracle preemie girls" and just love your hair and if you do not mind me asking who cuts it. Whoever does it does a great job and compliments your face very well. I have been keeping up with you guys and are so excited for baby owen to arrive here healthy and safe. God is so good to us all and what sweet miracles they are. I get my hair done in abilene as well and have been looking for a cute sassy haircut.
My email is cclegg1027@sbcglobal if you don't mind sharing. Take care and God Bless!