4? whew!

Today my little man is 4 months old.

Owen, I cannot tell you how much joy, happiness, and blessings you bring to our lives. Not only to me and your Daddy-O but to all our friends and family around us. You are such a happy baby. Just like your daddy you are laid back, calm, cool, and collected!

You have always been so alert and aware of your surrounding, but within the past month you have really become aware of everything and reacting to every situation. You love your hands. If I didn't know your daddy played the piano and was a conductor, I would have guessed that you had it running in your blood. We sit at the table and you tippy tap your fingers on the table. And that is your favorite place to be. In someone's lap, right in the middle of what's going on. No more bouncy chair or swing for you. You love to walk around, and talk, and be in the middle.

You have been saying "O!" for a while, but now you love to say "GRRRR" and "BRRR." You are so sily watching everyone's lips to see what they are going to say. I can't wait until you start talking so I can hear your voice.

I love to give you kisses because you give them right back. Open mouth, drool, and everything. You also love to ride around in your little sling with mommy, that way you can people watch. And then everyone gives you attention at the store, which you don't mind either.

I cannot imagine not being your mommy. I could not have perdicted what joy you brought to our lives. I can't remember our lives before you. Or ever without you. We love you, immeasurably.

All my love.

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Erin and Anthony said...

He's soooo cute! I can't believe he's already 4 months old!!!