NS Ohhhh!

i am so excited about hosting a NSO family for a dessert party again this year. this will be my 4th time to host. is that right? let's see, how many years have we been married:

1. first year married, hosted @ the state street house
2. second year, didn't host. we were in a matchbox apartment.
3. hosted, meander street house.
4. hosted again, i was big and pregnant.
5. didn't host, wasn't technically working for hsu.
6. this year hosting!

ok, so my 5th time. let's hope this year isn't quite as crazy as the first time we hosted here at our love shack or the last time we hosted a family for NSO9.

let's just say each time has been fun, memorable, and crazy.

i'll go with less crazy and more on the fun side this year, please!

i can't wait to host these new students. WELCOME TO THE 40 ACRES, Y'ALL!

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