thankful. days 9-15.

"But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful." Psalm 68:3

day 9.

i am really, really thankful for Mitchell's family. they are a wonderful, honest, and genuine family and i could not have imagined better in-laws. i remember the first time visiting Mitchell to meet his family - i was so scared. Mitchell was my first boyfriend, i had never done that before. would they think i was loud or crazy? standing at the top of the stairwell of his sister's apartment as Mitchell's mom is walking up, laughing as loud as can be i immediatley knew i was going to fit into this family perfectly.

i am thankful for my mother in law, Susan. i can call her and just talk for no reason and enjoy every second of our time together. i am thankful for Docy for always being so understanding. for Meredith and Mark, not just for giving me Maggie, Mollie Grace, and Micah for nieces and a nephew, but that is a big reason. for Matt, Sarah, Luke, and Ben. and so grateful for Nana and Bob Bob for being the grounding center stone of their family. for the beautiful foundation they created in each of the loved ones in their lives.

day 10.

i am thankful for our extended family. althought we might not see them or talk to them often, i know they are always there for love and support.

day 11.

i am so so so so so thankful for First Friends Pre-School at First Baptist Church. i really struggled with the idea of putting Owen into Tuesday/Thursday school. really - it was one of the hardest decisions i have ever made. i wanted it to be a true Christian pre-school. not just playtime from 9-2:30 pm. i wanted him to be loved and hugged on and given affection.

we could not be happier with FFPS. everyone, down to the janitor at FBC is wonderful, welcoming, and eager to have my child in their class. i am thankful his class is small and he gets more one on one attention than i thought possible. i am not ever anxious or unsure of how my son is during the day. i know he is learning about Jesus, his colors, being loved on, and having a wonderful time. having someone love your son so much is truly a blessing!

day 12.

i am thankful for my girlfriends, Jennifer and Natalie. i don't have many friends i stayed in touch with after high school, but they are the two women that have always been my friends and always been so caring and loving. i wish we lived closer, but i know the distance doesn't matter. so grateful for them!

day 13.

i am really thankful we live in a small town. i never in a million years would have thought i would attend college in a small town, away from my family of all things. and never would i have thought i would have met my husband and stayed here. but abilene has everything we need and we can't imagine leaving. we love everything about living here and are grateful for a small town community!

day 14.

today i am thankful for the two cars sitting in our drive way. they aren't the newest or fanciest cars (and i don't think i would ever want the newest or fanciest car), but they serve their purpose. they take us to see family, take my love to work, and allow us to run errands with my babies in stow as needed.

day 15.

i am thankful for access to good and awesome grocery stores. i could go on and on about organic and natural eating and living, but i will spare you. but i am grateful we have the opportunity to shop for the food and supplies that we need (i want) to keep our bodies healthy. it wasn't so long ago that this wasn't an option, so i am thankful for those stores in town. now, go shopping now so they don't disappear!

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